Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday February 11, 2016 - Presenting yourself as a woman

I found this interesting list of 27 actions a Transwoman should avoid in public. It seems from this list, that there is so much to remember that it takes the fun out of it. That is not true. Most of these items you instinctively stop doing, once you connect with your femininity and express it.

I find some of these items troublesome for me. So I took the list and added comments to the items that are a problem for me.

  1. Slouching
    I try to remember to walk straight with my head up. I noticed from a self taken video, that I sometime slouch while walking in heels. So I am constantly trying not to slouch.
  2. Biting your nails
    I stopped biting my nails a few years ago.
  3. Compulsively checking your phone
  4. Rummaging through your purse
    This is a problem I have. I can not remember where I put my keys and other items inside my pocketbook.
  5. Crossing your arms 
  6. Fidgeting 
  7. Shaking your leg or tapping your fingers
  8. Not smiling
    I constantly remember to smile while out. I think happy thoughts and remember how I am finally doing something I have been dreaming about for decades. Enjoy the moment.
  9. Scanning the room when you talk to people
    Learned to stop doing that years ago.
  10. Talking too much with your hands
  11. Exaggerated nodding
  12. Examining your teeth or complexion in public
  13. Applying makeup in public (other than a quick swipe of lipstick)
  14. Resting your chin on your hands and elbows
    I had a problem with this earlier. But I soon realized that resting my hands on my chin placed foundation on my hands. I now keep my hands away from face.
  15. Sitting with your legs apart
  16. Clanging your silverware
  17. Avoiding eye contact
    I use to do this. I now know that avoiding eye contact is a sign of nervousness. I now make eye contact and smile.
  18. Eye contact that is too intense
  19. Weak handshake
  20. Clenching your fists
  21. Standing too close to people
  22. Chewing loudly
  23. Talking while you eat
  24. Eating or drinking too fast
    I am really trying to learn this. I have been eating too fast for years.
  25. Bending towards your food instead of bringing the food to your mouth
    This is another area where I need to improve. Men hover over their food while women bring the food to their mouth. This goes with learning to eat slower.
  26. Leaning forward too much
  27. Leaning back too much

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