Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday February 16, 2016 - Eyes

They say that eyes are a window into your soul. I have noticed that bright clear and big eyes that pop are very feminine. I think there are four parts to getting that perfect feminine eye look.
  1. Eyebrows
  2. Eyeliner
  3. Lashes
  4. HRT
In the 1990's, I used electrology to shape my eyebrows, so that I have a "natural" arch. Now I just brush them and add color to shape and fill them in. My current electrologist still zaps the few errant lashes that might appear.

I love using eyeliner. I am still learning how to improve applying it. I place liner along my bottom water line which is that area above the lashes and below my actual eyeball. I can not figure out how to add liner to my top waterline. So I add liner just above my top eyelashes. I am still working on how to get the top liner to give me that look. Liner above my top lashes, is not doing it.

I am getting much better with my mascara. I started with clear mascara to learn how to wear it everyday, even in boy mode. Now I wear black mascara even sometimes when it boy mode. My daughter helped me this fall with some nice tips. Once my mascara is dry, I curl my top lashes and they look great.

I believe, one of the biggest changes will be from HRT. I have noticed after  watching timeline changes of transwomen taking HRT, that at some point their eyes clear and pop. You get this look of large and bright pretty eyes.

If you look at the timeline picture at the left. Notice her eyes after just 3.5 months of HRT. That might be a little too soon for us older girls, but her eyes really start to stand out (pop).

Adding this to the other three factors, really make your eye area project femininity.

Today, I am going to go out in Femboy mode and shop for a couple of outfits for this weekend.

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