Tuesday, January 19, 2016

REPOST: Tuesday January 19, 2016 - Another first on "Yes to the Dress"

*** I made an error yesterday and published three posts yesterday. One of the posts "Instagram" was suppose to be for today. Plus some readers may have missed my main Monday post about the "Yes To The Dress" . So I am posting it again today. ****

Have you every watched the TV show, "Yes to the Dress"? I have not but its a show about brides buying their wedding dress.

Coming soon, is an episode first, the bride is a Transwoman. I am going to have to watch this episode. Plus she is a home girl from Atlanta.

This is another move forward because it will hopefully allow people to see Transwoman in a positive light with feelings and opinions that are similar to others.

Our enemies try to cast us as evil predators lurking in the shadows or bathrooms. That is why its important that we engage with the public and show our humanity.

Below is a preview of the episode.

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