Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday January 13, 2016 - There seem to be so many of us.

Back in the 1960's as I struggled in my youth (under 14) with "crossdressing", I thought I was the only one. Then in the early 1970's, my cousin came out. The family was not supportive as he was thrown into the streets.

The appropriate labels were unknown to me. I heard gay and crossdresser. Those were the better names.

It was not until the Phil Donahue show in the 1980's, when he began to interview heterosexual crossdressers that I knew I was not alone.

Now with acceptance growing and the internet allowing us to network, it seems there are millions of us. I have read attempts to determine our population. But who knows and I do not care.

But we are many. Here is a Pinterest board showing our beautiful community. I added a few pictures of myself.

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  1. Like you I thought I was the only person in the world like this. It wasn't until I saw a magazine article that gave an update on what Christine Jorgenson was doing lately that I knew there was someone else like me. Then, in 1997 I went from never knowingly met another transgender person to sitting in a room with 500 people like me at Southern Comfort Conference. Now days, I've heard the estimate of 4% of the population being trans.