Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday January 28, 2016 - A very strange friendship - Do you believe in fate?

Over the past 60+ days, I have had a very strange personal experience. I have not told many people because they may not believe me. I do not know if you, a reader of this blog will believe this story. I  have been thinking about writing this post for over a week.Today,  I am going to give it a try.

I have never considered myself a good writer, so I hope I can explain this experience.

Before I begin, let me give you some background. I believe that each of us is an energy force that inhabits our body. We use our body and its sensors to interact with this reality. I believe in reincarnation. So when our body ceases to work (dead), our energy force moves on to another body through rebirth (an infant again).

In this reality, there are forces that we can not sense. For example x-rays, radio signals and WIFI to name a few. However, some people claim they can feel some of these things. We need physical devices that will translate these items so we can sense it. A cellphone, radio and TVs are a few of these devices.

On November 5th, I had an experience that shook me to my core and still bothers me to this day. I may have experienced a force that we can not sense but was translated for me, through this experience.

Please, bare with me, one more time for some additional background information.

I have a former student who is a manager of an AMC theater . She has put me on a special program that allows me get two movie tickets to any movie at any AMC theater at any time for free. The more I use this program, the more tickets I can get the next year.

On November 5th, my son-in-law and grandson wanted to go to the movies. I went with them and picked up two free tickets. I gave them to my son-in-law. Standing there was a pretty mature women. We exchanged greetings when we made eye contact. Then she asked me if my grandson wemt to school at the local school, because he looked familiar to her. I said no and that he lived in a different county.

Then she stated that she was having a problem because she wanted to go see the new James Bond movie, but the next three shows were sold-out. I mentioned that there are a couple of other theaters close but they maybe sold out too.

So I offered to get her two free tickets to the 6:45 pm show and if she decided not to use them, she can trade them it. I was trying to send out some good karma.

After I got her the tickets, I told her I needed to go to Barnes and Nobles to buy a new book. She was so happy about the movie tickets that she offered to buy me a smoothie at the Starbucks inside Barnes and Nobles.

I agreed and we drove our separate cars to the bookstore. We sat down the bookstore and talked while drinking our smoothies. While talking we decided to walk next door to the mall and continue our conversation. At the mall, we were walking through women's clothing stores and she was asking me about clothes she liked and what I thought.

I ended up spending over 2 hours with this lady. We had a great time talking about our lives and women's clothes. I could tell she was a clothes shopper and into clothes. Finally we exchanged phone numbers and I left.

Within 30 minutes, my sister called and said my mother had passed about an hour ago.

I was shocked and could not believe it. But I did not cry. I just thought about the wonderful 2+ hours I spent with this lady.

I even wondered, if it was a dream. But I did buy a new book and my son-in-law and grandson did tell me about the movie.

I then thought about two close friends of mine who had a similar strange experience during the time of the death of a loved one.

One guy had a dream in which he talked with in 92 year old father, only to be awakened by his brother, telling him that his father had passed. My friend told his brother that he already knew because their father had come by to visit before leaving.

My other friend was at home playing poker with his friend when the doorbell rang. His pals told him to get the door. When he opened the door, no one was there. Then the back door bell rung. He opened the door and again no one was there. Then the phone rang and it was the Atlanta Police saying that his oldest son had just died in a motorcycle accident.

For the next month, I did not text or call that number in my phone. I was afraid what might happen. Finally, after my Mother's repass, I called the lady and she answered. I did not tell her what happened but I just wanted to say hello.

We exchanged text messages and talked a few times. Finally, we met again, this past Saturday for dinner. I explained to her what had happened and I wanted to thank her because my time with her made my mother's death for manageable. I felt at peace knowing she was OK.

Then out of nowhere I told her I was transgendered. I told her my history, showed her pictures of Susan and my late running buddy Maxine. We talked about the difference between gender and sexual orientation. She recommended that I try MAC makeup and stated that if I go for a makeover, she would like to join me.

We also wear the same size shoes. However she buys her shoes from Neiman Marcus and other high end store. I had her laughing about my Payless exploits.

I was honest with her and stated that I only interested in being friends and there was not romantic interest. She understood and was interested in hanging out with me as two girlfriends. Also she was happy to find a lady who wears the same shoe size (LOL).

This relationship is so interesting because of how I met her, the timing of our first meeting and her interest is me as a woman. I am still trying to figure this out.


  1. I wish you peace for your mother's passing and I wish you a good friendship with your new friend.

    I believe I share your belief's and wonders about a non visable spiritual force that shares our space with us. I know that major parts of the world have strong beliefs in reincarnation. There are many things that make me believe they are on to something.
    I have had many deja vu moments. I have also had many dreams that focused on me being a woman or dressed as a woman. Many of them tend to focus on the 1930s-1940s which were the decades that preceded my birth in the early 1950s. In many of these dreams I am dressed in the styles of that era and in several I am traveling, most often by train. I have also had dreams where I am a woman or dressed as a woman from earlier time frames.
    Dreams are interesting but they have provided a basis for me to feel connected to prior lives.

    Again peace and good luck to you.


  2. Hi Susan, I love your blog. You are too a good writer! Sorry about your mom, and happy you found a new friend. I'm visited by my father fairly often. We have conversations about many things from calculus to fishing, we work on the old house, play whiffleball in the back yard, and on and on. This all happens in dreams, he died twenty years ago. Whether or not it's really him doesn't matter. They're all new, fresh experiences to me.

  3. Thanks. I am glad you enjoy my blog. I am really trying to work on it and make it helpful.