Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday January 18, 2016 - MLK, Jr. Holiday - My Dream

I take this day to Dream about what could have been and what is still possible. As I take this journey, I realize that so much is possible. I can still live my life long dream, should I choose. It's not about what others think. Its about what I think.

What I think has an impact on what I will do. Sure it's hard, but so was college, graduate school, my career and raising children. However, the benefits out weighted to cost.

I remember when I lost all my weight. Some of my friends had a hard time with the difference. But they got use to it. I had people say that they thought I had cancer, HIV or were on drugs. I laughed and told them I was hooked on a health life.

In 2016, HRT with change my appearance again and people will adjust and then move on. So as I think about 2016, I dream about the possibilities and I am excited.


  1. I hope the path ahead, the new reality, will fulfill your dreams. Unfortunately, it has been my experience that dreams and reality are rarely on the same plain. Most of the time reality falls far short of the dream. Cruel world...

  2. I agree that sometimes people fall short of their dreams. It may happen to be, but I must try. There is 100% chance that my dreams will not come true, if you do not try.