Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday January 5, 2016 - My makeup day

I went to traffic court yesterday. I had to be there at 7 am, darn! It took all morning and on the way home, I had car problems. So I spent the rest of the day dealing with my car. And adding to this, was cold weather. Yesterday was not a day for winter to arrive. I had to use mass transit and walk quite a bit.

So I did not get to play with my makeup yesterday, but I did get to CVS and bought a slightly lighter foundation shade.

I bought a darker eyebrow pencil a few weeks ago because with my current foundation causes my normal eyebrow pencil did not stand out. That was my first indication that maybe my foundation is too dark.

My daughter said it was fine and long as I blended at my neck line. But I want to experiment with my foundation, to find that "perfect" color. So I bought a lighter shade to try and maybe mix the two.

After I pick up my car, today, I am going to play around with my two foundation colors, to see which looks more nature.

Hopefully, today will work out and I will post pictures tomorrow.

I was so frustrated about yesterday, that I got back in the gym. I have only exercised twice in the last two weeks due to the holidays and family. It was a nice holiday season, but I missed my mom.

I ate way too much, but some of those cakes and pies only come once a year. So I am getting my eating portions back in place and I am back in the gym. I completed two hours on the elliptical. I can tell my clothes are getting tight. So I expect it will take one month to get back where I should be.

Even though I completed 120 minutes of cardio, I did not sweat as much. I did sweat but I was not soaked, which is what I like. I feel that if I am soaking wet after my workout, then I worked hard. I do not know if the lack of heavy sweat was due to the temperature in the gym (cooler due to being cold outside), not working hard enough and/or not drinking enough water.

Finally, I need to get back into my electrology schedule. I have not been to my electrologist since before Thanksgiving. December was too busy and my cash flow was tight.

I am going to set my next appointment this week for next week. I want to finish by June 2016. Hopefully that means only 12 more appointments. I wanted to be finished by December 2015, but my little grey hairs keep coming back. They are lighter and thinner but they are persistent. I may take a trip to Dallas and go to e3000 for day, to see what they can do.

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