Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday January 24, 2016 - I had to use my Male ID

I left Atlanta Friday morning headed to Savannah dresses as Susan. I bought gas in Macon (cheaper than Atlanta) and I stopped and bought some food at Wendy's. Of course, I had no issues and everyone used female pronouns or no pronouns at all.

Once in Savannah, I completed a few "drive-by" inspections. Then I decided to get my hotel room. So, I used one of those roadside hotel coupon books to find a hotel at a reasonable rate.

Once I arrived at the hotel, the clerk said hello and asked if he could help me. I returned the salutation, including his name in my response. I asked him if I could use this coupon. He  approved my coupon and asked for my ID and credit card. 

I had not thought about it, but both items were in my male name!

So I handed my items to the clerk. He entered the required information and handed them back to me without any hesitation or unusual look. He asked me if I wanted smoking or non-smoking and one or two beds. I told him I would like a non-smoking 1 bed room that was close to the office (safety).

He them asked the manager who had come up to the front to grab some paperwork to help him finish my request. He was in training and did not know how to enter the coupon code.

The manager smiled and said hello. I smiled back with a hello and mentioned a nice necklace she was wearing.

We talked about the weather and that Savannah was cloudy but missed that bad weather along the east coast. Within a few minutes, I had my key and I was out of the door.

Once in the car, I thought about my ID issue. I could easily fix the bank card issue by adding Susan King as an authorized use on the account and then getting a debit card in her name. But I do not know if I have to provide a social security number for Susan King? Or maybe I can get a prepaid debit card.

But then I thought about it again. Why worry, it was not a problem for the hotel staff. Sometimes we are our worst critic.

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