Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday January 8, 2016 - Femboy Day

Today was a Femboy Day. However, I worked from home and could not go out. I have not had a Femboy day in over a month because of work and the holiday season. I could not find the time to get out and about.

Finally, It was cold today as the winter weather has arrived. So I wore a pink colored outfit around the house.

  1. Purple long sleeve sweater
  2. Pink shawl
  3. pink/white skinny jeans
  4. pink ballet  flats
  5. red/purple bangle bracelets
  6. diamond heart necklace
  7. diamond earrings
  8. red/black hat

I only wore lipstick because I feel naked without lipstick. But I did not complete my makeup: blush, eye brown liner, mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow. Since I was not going out today, I decided to skip the rest of my makeup in order to spend more time working.

I really need to get a pedicure and spend more fem time on me. But usually, this early part of January gets busy and I do not have the time to shop.

I am also spending more time in the gym, inorder to burn off this weight from my poor eating habits over the holidays.

But that eating was fun. I enjoyed it and the food was good. Now comes the hard part of losing the weight. It will take me about 1 good month, which is not bad.

Below are a couple of more pictures.


  1. Great look. Such a well coordinated outfit. Love the skinny jeans!

  2. Thank you. BTW, I bought those Payless Shoes flats with the big emblem. They look like the cute ones you wear.