Friday, January 22, 2016

Saturday January 23, 2016 - My Makeover downer

I went to all three Fashion Fair counters and none of them had my color. Each clerk complained that the daughter who is now running the company is not producing enough makeup to keep all of the customers happy and shelves full.

It was disappointing that again I could not get a makeover from Fashion Fair.

I went to Payless Shoes and put on some red slippers. I clicked my heels and wished for a Fashion Fair makeover. LOL

The last clerk recommended that I try MAC products. So I went over to MAC to get a makeover. But their requirement of a $60 purchase was too steep, given that I may not like the makeup.

So I will move on to ULTA Beauty for my next makeover.

I ended up spending all day with only lipstick. But it did not stop me from working and running errands. I will discuss my day in my next post.

One last item. I stated in my previous post that the wind made my hair difficult to control.

I also noticed that with my hair covering my face, it appeared that I was using my hair to hide my face. I think sometimes it gives a "crossdresser" look in which you try and hide your face. I noticed most women had their hair pulled back or framed around their face.

So I pulled my hair back to show off more of my face. I think with my hair back, it a more nature feminine look. What do you think?



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