Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday January 14, 2016 - Makeup time

I was feeling down and out today. Plus, I am feeling fat. I did not workout last night and I am still trying to control my eating. I eat late in the morning and then late at night. Then during the day I nibble. Those are the worst three habits to have.

I should eat earlier in the morning to start my metabolism and then stop eating around 8 pm.  I am trying to drink more water throughout the day and reduce my portions. I will keep working on it. At least my exercising is going strong.

To give me a lift, I went out and bought a few makeup items and decided to play with my makeup. I wanted to work on my foundation application and try some concealer to reduce the bags under my eyes. I will post some pictures later today.

I bought a darker concealer. It's the one in the small tube between the two bottles. If you notice I have two foundations, the regular and a second lighter color for highlighting. I now have two concealers, one lighter and one darker for my eyes.

I want to try using all four items for a different look. Also, I want to learn how to apply the foundation for a smoother and lighter finish.

I also bought a black eyebrow pencil. It maybe too dark, but I could not find a darker brown at the beauty store. If this one is too dark, I will hunt for a dark brown. My current one is too light with this foundation.

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