Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday January 21, 2016 - Makeover in Savannah

I am going to Savannah today. I have a few properties to inspect for a client. I really like Savannah. Its the main Georgia port which grew from the cotton and slavery industries. There are many very large homes with tree lined streets and small parks scattered throughout the downtown area.

Many of the larger homes have been converted to Bed and Breakfast businesses to meet the needs of a large tourist business (13M visitors in 2013). The Riverwalk area has been renovated into a nice tourist area with shops and restaurants along the River which is still being used by large tankers.

My client owns a few of those converted homes and I look forward to seeing them.

I am going to use the time to get a makeover at the Fashion Fair counter. I switched from Avon to Fashion Fair back in the 1990's because of their foundation. Fashion Fair cosmetics was, and I think still is  a small African -American cosmetic company that started to fill a need not being met by the larger cosmetic firms. Now all firms offer darker foundations which has made Fashion Fair obsolete. Based on business theory, they should have sold out, like Johnson Products did because the African American market was going to consolidate among a few large firms.

Its mostly older woman, like myself who still use Fashion Fair. I just want to see what a Fashion Fair consultant can do with my makeup. Their foundation has certain undertones which really match my skin tone.

This will be my second makeover at a mall counter. I want to try a MAC and Ulta Beauty makeover later this year. From the four, I had a Clinque makeover in November, I will choose the best results as my main foundation.

Right now I am using a Revlon foundation from the drugstore. It works for now because its inexpensive which allows me to experiment with foundation colors, contouring and highlighting.

I am going to set an appointment today for Friday morning and will spend the rest of the day as Susan. Friday night I am going to go out to dinner, a movie and then a club.

I post my makeover result on Friday and my night out on Saturday.

For those interested, here is a show 3+ minute tourist video.

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