Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday January 31, 2016 - Ballerina flats

I love ballerina flats. They are so cute. The front bow and the low cut front is very cute.  I especially like the ones that show toe cleavage. I have bought a few pair over the past year from Payless Shoes and Shoe Shoe.

They are different from regular flats because ballerina flats show more of the top of your feet because the front scoop is lower.

Saturday I wore a black/silver pair from Payless that had a really low front scoop. They started to really hurt my toes after a few hours. The very low scoop showed some nice toe cleavage. But the front edge of the shoe began to cut into my toes and foot. I think it was due to the low front cut which forced my toes into lifting the shoes during each step.

Today, I wore a teal pair from Shoe Show. The front was not as low and they felt much better. Even more important was that these shoes had both bottom inside padding and padding at the top for the toes. My toes felt like they were wrapped in foam. For about the same price, the Shoe Show ballerina flats are much better than the Payless Shoes flats.

I am going to have to do a better job of comparing shoes and not buy just based on price and looks. I always try them on first, but I am looking for how cute my feet are in the shoes. Now I am going to include how comfortable and how much padding there is.


Sunday (today)

Notice the black pair have a very low front scoop which is cute. But they did not wear well and my toes began to hurt.

The teal color flats were padded and felt much better. There was no toe cleavage in the teal/green pair. But my foot felt better and more secure.

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