Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday January 13, 2016 - Still thinking about this photo.

I can not get this lovely photo out of my mind. I posted a family album of this family. What drew me to it was this photo of the wife breastfeeding her child.

She is a transwoman who had two children with her wife using her stored sperm.

When I had my children, I was so envious of my wife breastfeeding our three girls.

Next to giving birth, this is a special time of bonding between mother and child.  I always wanted to experience this type bonding. I am so happy to see someone being able to do that.

There are people who say transwoman can not breastfeed. Here are two articles discussing the issue. (one -two)

I can now see this occurring more frequently.

With same-sex marriage, transwoman transitioning at a younger age and the millennial generation more accepting, I expect more transwoman to have this opportunity to build a very special and fulfilling life.

There is research being done that shows the possibility of uterus transplants and these transplanted organs carrying a fetus and giving birth. There have been 9 transplants, 5 pregnancies and four births. This procedure will only improve over time.

I am beyond the age of being able to participate in child birth or breastfeeding. But its a great to see this becoming a possible option for young transwoman.

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