Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday January 30, 2016 - Female Image

I was reading a blog post about the female public image. This post is my comments on female imaging based on my experience.

Body language consists of four things:
  1. Posture - I find posture very important. I remember my mother constantly correcting my sister's posture. I am aware of my posture while I am out. I try to stand and walk straight. It is not easy after 59 years of a male posture.
  2. Gestures - Women have more fluidity with their gestures and more of them.
  3. Eye contact - I find, like men, women have their own non-verbal communication code which includes smiling and eye contact. I know one way I was outing myself was by not making eye contact with other women and smiling at them. Sometimes women will speak with a simple greeting. But not making eye contact and communicating when appropriate, will out ourselves.
  4. Facial expressions - I am happy to be authentic so its not hard for me to have that happy facial expression. But I am aware that I do not want to look mean. So I try to just smile often throughout the day.
 Below are a few quick videos about the different male and female realities.

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