Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday January 6, 2016 - Finally a Makeup Day

Growing up, I always wanted to be like my mom and wear makeup. I loved watching her put on her makeup. My sister had her own half bathroom and she had a makeup vanity. I wanted one so bad.

It's funny because she never played with makeup and just uses lip balm. She will wear a little makeup on special occasions.

I would have been like my youngest daughter and use that vanity everyday, as a teenager. We are a year apart, but its like we were switched at birth. When I told her about my about my womanhood, she laughter and said mom would have loved a prissy daughter. My sister stated that did not like shopping and wearing makeup.

Yesterday, I spent about three hours playing with my makeup. It was fun. I wanted to test out a new foundation color because I felt my current color might be slightly too dark.

I was using color 355. I bought 310 at that CVS on Monday because that was the next lightest color. However, there is a 320 color.

Below is a picture with the 310 color on. Its too light and makes me look like a zombie. Lol

As you can see, that 310 color was too light. So I decided to go back to my 355. But I am going to look for 320 and try it.

This next picture is with the 355 foundation color. I did not put on any eye makeup yet. I added a red lipstick and blush. I thought I had a darker eyebrow pencil but I bought the same color again. This eyebrow color is perfect when I am in Femboy mode. But with this foundation, it does not show because its too light. This is one reason why I think this foundation color is slightly off. However while applying color 355, it appears very close to my skin color.

The third picture is my full complete makeup. I changed to the darker lipstick from Clinque. I bought this after my makeover at the Florida Mall in Orlando. I like this lipstick color better than the other red. I added my eye makeup. I tried something different that I learned from some youtube videos. I used the lighter 310 foundation color as a hightlighter under my eyes. I created a V-shape under each eye and blended it. It gives a slight glow under my eyes. I saw a neat trick on a youtube video in which you use an even lighter foundation to reduce bags under the eyes. I am going to buy some and try that next time.

It was fun and I was ready to go out after completing my makeup. But I had work to do around the house. So I kept it on for a few more hours and then removed it before I hit the gym.

Next time I will try that lighter foundation color, 320, the trick to reduce the bags under my eyes (darn old age, but better than the alternative), more highlighting and contour and a darker eyebrow pencil.


  1. Fabulous pictures, Susan! I began my transition with the New Year. Your blog is so helpful. Thank you, and Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you and welcome to the club.