Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday January 17, 2016 - Shoe Shopping

Saturday, after my pedicure, I went shoe shopping at Payless Shoes. I had a 25% off coupon in my email inbox. So I decided to see if I could find some steeply discounted shoes ($10 per pr).

I went to two stores. At the first store, I tried on two pair of shoes. The first pair are the black pair of flats with lace. I like these shoes because they will go with a nice laced top,. I do not have a top yet, but I want those shoes in my closet for when I find a top to match.

While shopping  another lady next to me looking for a pair of black heels. She found a pair, so I asked her if she had a coupon. She said no, so I asked for her email and forwarded her my coupon.

She thanked me and used it to save $7.00. While I was trying on another pair, another lady came over to buy a pair of boots. She needed a brown pair because she said her other pair looked old. I asked her if she had a coupon. She said no and I emailed her my coupon. She really appreciated it because her money was tight. She saved $10.00.

I ended up not buying any shoes but I was happy that the two ladies were able to use the coupon. Plus that was my positive Karma for the day. I predict I will receive that Karma back in the near future. Also, doing something nice for both ladies will hopefully give them a more positive opinion of gender fluid people.

I left this store and headed south to the second Payless store. Upon entering the store, the sales lady came over and asked where I had been. She stated that they (meaning the store clerks) has not seen me lately. I told her that my money was low due to the holidays and that I came by to use my emailed coupon.

She said that I could use the coupon on any pair or pairs of shoes. I smiled and said my goal was to use the coupon on clearance shoes only. She smiled and showed the clearance section to me. As she was leaving, she said welcome back.

I felt so welcomed by her. But I still could not find a clearance shoe that I wanted. So I left empty handed.

Here are the shoes, I tried on.

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