Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday January 22, 2016 - My outfit today

Today I am in Savannah looking at some property for a client. I decided to go as Susan and spend the day and this evening working and shopping. I am going to get a makeover today. I will discuss that later, but i just wanted to show my outfit.

Its cool in Savannah today, but I wore a brown outfit with my brown coat I bought last winter in New Jersey. I found it at the Goodwill and it matched that outfit perfectly and it was in my size.
I love the fur and its very warm with a fur liner.

I wore a multi-color brown sweater with a long hemline. I added a bronze belt and light brown leggings.

I wore the brown boots my daughter bought me for my birthday. I then found a pair of knee hi wool socks that matched my color theme. I worn them to protect my feet, add thickness to my ankles and color to my legs. I rolled the socks up and puffed them out. I like the look.

These boots are from Payless Shoes and they feel comfortable, even with these socks.

It is windy and I am having trouble controlling my hair. These are the little things you realize overtime. I have some bows and will use one to pull my hair back

 My face looks a little rough because I only added lipstick. I need my face to be clean for the makeover. So even with over 100 hours of electrology, I see a little darkness around the beard area without foundation.

That is OK when in Femboy mode but not as Susan. Its OK today because I want that makeover.

This current shadow is not close to my shadow before I started electrology. By 2017, the beard shadow will be gone.

My makeover appointment is not until 4:30 pm est. So I am inspecting these properties and running errands until my makeover.

After my makeover, I am going to buy a dress at Goodwill and go out tonight.

I will post my makeover results later night or in the morning. Tomorrow I will post my night out.

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