Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday January 3, 2016 - Tattoo

I realize I want a tattoo. Nothing big, just a nice pretty and colorful butterfly that represents my awakening and transformation.

In boy mode, I never even thought about a tattoo because I am sorry to say that I thought I was above getting one.

But now, a small, feminine and colorful tattoo in the right area would be cute and represent something important that I want to express.

I just do not know where to place it on my body. I will try some temporary tattoo to find the best place. I am going to buy some through

Below are a few places, I am interested in placing a tattoo.


  1. I have four. My first was a nice little red rose on my right ankle just above the ankle bone. Second was a rose on my left breast so that with a little pushup, it shows with a v-neck. Third was two feathers in an inverted V on my upper right back. Recently my sister-in-law and I both got a Dreamcatcher done on the left arm right at the shoulder. I'm going to get one more and that will be a butterfly on my left ankle. If I were you and only going to get one, if it's a small one do it on the ankle. If it's larger, do it on the lower back.

    1. I say one now, but I said none last year. So who knows, a lady has the right to change her mind. However, I do like the ankle tattoo. I just worry about my small ankles and big feet. I am not sur I want eyes drawn to that area. I will try a few temporary tattoos, on my ankle, over time to see how they look.