Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday February 19, 2016 - Trying on one of my new dresses

I decided to try on one of  the two new dresses I bought the other day. I wanted to find the right accessories for my weekend trip to Ohio.

I like this dress because of the white and black hemline along with the print. The neckline is for warmer weather and its a little tight. I am trying to reduce my upper body muscle with long cardio sessions. But I still find that size S dresses are tight around my shoulders and chest but fits fine every where else.

The straps of this dress make it hard to cover my bra straps. I do not like that like to have my bra straps show. Call me old fashion. So I really had to work my bra straps under the dress straps. I may pin them just to keep them hidden.

It will probably be too cold to wear this without a sweater during the day and a coat at night. I need to find a nice sweater and coat, this weekend.

I have some old black pumps that I paid a lot of money for, decades ago. they are still very comfortable and stylish.

I added a light blue pendant to my necklace with a black bracelet on one arm and a blue and white bracelet on the other arm.

The ankle bracelet and temporary tattoo, look nice and I need to polish these shoes.

Its funny because I hate polishing my male shoes. But I would never go out without my women shoes polished and the heels in good shape.

I wore my tattoo in public last night at the gym. My leggins were short and stopped above my tattoo.

There were no issues or looks as everyone is use to my outfits and I guess the tattoo is par for the course.

After I took my shower, the tattoo came off. That is OK, because I now know how easy they are to add. I need a little more practice. I will add one as needed for the day.

I added a black shawl to the dress. It added warmth and covered my shoulders, giving them a reduced look.

Its nice but in a crochet style, it seems to give off an old lady look. I am so-so about it. If I could find a wool or cotton shawl with some blue, that would look better. But, I may not have the time to find one.

However, a shawl will not be warm enough for that Ohio winter night.

I still will need that coat. My pea coat is too short, my winter white coat is too casual and my brown coat does not match. Of the three, the brown coat is both warm enough and long enough. So it will be my backup plan.

I have alot to do today, including an electrology session. So I hope I can find what I am looking for.

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