Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday February 12, 2016 - Something interesting happen at the gym last night.

I had a very good workout Thursday night. But before my workout and while I was in the locker room, I had a very good discussion with some of my friends.

My friend who moved to this gym from LA Fitness during the same time I did, was finishing up his workout as I arrived. We talked for about 10 to 15 minutes about the Presidential race and gas prices. I had just paid $1.49 per gallon for gas. He is younger than I am and does not remember $0.35 per gallon gas. I remember in high school during the oil embargo, I declared that if gas reached $1.00, I was going to quit driving. LOL

Then my other friend walking in the locker room. This is the Dallas Cowboy fan who calls me the marathon man because of my long workouts. As a matter of fact, today, I completed 3 hours on the elliptical machine plus 15 minutes of warm up on the stairmaster.

He joined our conversation about gas prices and then we talked about how is father read this book on how to turn $10,000 into $1,000,000. His dad died in 2010 a millionaire. So we talked about that and his grandmother who ran away from home at 16 to join the circus.

The three of us ended up talking for about 20 minutes. During that time I was dressed in my feminine workout attire. (See above and below) No one said anything or looked funny at me. The discussion was so good, I forgot what I was wearing and no one cared. We  were just having that man type discussion.

Toward the end of out talk, it hit me that I can do this, I can transition and I bet very few people would care. Now am not fooling myself by thinking I can still walk into a men's locker room. So it will impact my workout routine. But basically, if I behave as though how I am presenting in normal, more people will will accept me.


  1. I think a lot of it will be 'mind over matter'. If you don't mind it doesn't matter.

    1. I agree. I refer to it like being in the Matrix.

  2. I myself am in my 3rd year of transition and it took me over a year to develop a sense of self-confidence. Once you project an air of self-confidence and self-love very few people stare or make remarks. If you're not self-confident people will "smell blood in the water" and feel entitled to demean and harass you. I think you just "rounded that corner" that day in the locker room, things will get easier faster now ! You rock, Girlfriend !

    1. At some point late 2015, I reached that point and it is easier. I no longer feel intimidated by situations. When people look at me, its because I am wearing something nice or look cute. I started to realize women get stares all the time. When I am in boy-mode I stare at women. Having people look at you and even whisper is part of womanhood.