Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday February 21, 2016 - Transwoman everywhere

Saturday, I went to Alabama instead of Ohio. My plans are for Ohio next weekend. While in Alabama, I decided to drop by the Mall and visit the Fashion Fair booth at Belks. This is where I went a few weeks ago to get a makeover, but they did not have the foundation I needed. So I figured I would go by and see if they had it in stock.

I was in boy mode, so I could not get a makeover. But I could see if they had it and setup an appointment.

On my way in the door, I walked past two young men and noticed one of them had makeup on. He (will explain) had on foundation, eyebrow pencil, mascara, eyeliner, blush and lip gloss.

Well after missing my opportunity Friday night to engage the young man with the lipstick on, I decided not to miss this opportunity. So I turned around and followed the two guys to the car. I walked up to the young man (20 ish) and told his that I loved his makeup and which brand was he using.

Actually, the foundation color was perfect but it was a little shinny. I think it was oil from his face coming through. He smiled and stated that he used Revlon from the drugstore and MAC products for everything else.

I told him I was headed to Fashion Fair to check out they foundation, but I saw his and had to ask him. I told him thanks and that I will look into Revlon but I am old school and love Fashion Fair.

I complimented him again and walked away. I think both guys were a little shocked that I was talking to them in a friendly and positive manner. So they did not say much. That is OK, I hope my short interaction with them will give them more confidence and let them know that there are supporters out there.

He was dressed as a guy and I did not believe he was trying to pass as female, So I used male pronouns.

I headed to the Fair Fair counter and the clerk who was there during my last visit was behind the counter. I asked if the foundation she recommended (Tawny) was in. She said no and took me over to the testing counter. She stated that Butterscotch my be better for me because my skin tone has yellow under tones. So used a Q-tip and put some butterscotch on my cheek. It did blend in and I could not see it.

I asked if she had any Butterscotch foundation in stock and she said no but when she gets some, she will put one package away for me.We ended up talking for about 30 minutes. We discussed politics, young people, grandkids and the future of Fashion Fair.

I told her to hold a bottle for me, call and I will come by for a makeover. I really like the clerk and she treated me so well without any issue about a guy buying makeup for himself. We really hit it off and I look forward to her makeover. I will drive from Atlanta, just so she can do it and we can talk some more.

I walked around the mall for awhile because it has been so long since I have been in one.

On the way out I passed a transwoman who was young and very pretty. Kind of like Stana, instead of gaydar, my transdar beeped. She was about my height with long straight blond hair, a short puffy skirt and brown boots. Her makeup was very good and she used contouring and highlighting.

She looked like a model and walked like one. She passed me and headed for the MAC counter. I wanted to talk with her, But I had to go or I would be late to my meeting.

Here I am in Alabama and I ran into two people from our community within one hour. I did not notice anyone giving either of them a difficult time, stares or laughter.


  1. Yes - we are everywhere! Isn't it wonderful!

  2. Love this post, and your all your diaries. Thanks, Susan.