Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday February 27, 2016 - Random Thoughts

Again my trip to Ohio has been delayed by the client. They say they are in a hurry, but I must put them on the back burner. The 4th quarter of 2015 was very slow for business. However, this quarter has been very busy and my client base is growing. As I devote more time to this business, my time as Susan has slowed. This is frustrating but I am still on course for 2017. I just can not get out and shop as much or even experiment and play around with makeup and style.

I "retired" from my job in May of 2015, because I could not transition there. I decided to build my business into a full-time endeavor before I present as my true self, full-time, in 2017. Also, it gave me time to create a second digital media business. My first project (Foxwoods) was not successful. We lost that contract bid. But a second client looks promising. This second business is my future because its based in the virtual economy. This is where global economic activity is headed. Being able to have global clients while living anywhere is my goal.

But my overall journey is going well.

It has been one week since my last electrology appointment and I have no regrowth above my lip or cheek area. There is a little under my chin, which I was told by E3000 would take the longest to clear because of its density and my hair grows in usual directions in that area. When I look in my mirror, I see Susan and that is progress.

I have made friends with a couple of my blog readers and we email each other. I am not expert, but I have been asked questions from women just starting out. I am glad to help.

My makeup is coming along and I am getting better. I need to practice more. But it will get better with time.

I am closing in on 100 days before I start HRT. It seem like a long way away, but I know its just around the corner.

With my electrology bill decreasing, I am going to move into voice lessons. March 2016 is my start date for lessons. So you will see more posts about my voice.  Next week, I am going to start looking for a voice coach, either locally in Atlanta or via Skype. Any recommendations will be helpful.

Today, I have a very busy workday. But I am going to take some femtime and do a lemon facial. If I can take a break, I will try on my other new dress I bought for my Ohio trip and build a wardrobe around it.

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