Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday February 8, 2016 - Bathroom Issue

Being out all day Friday, I had a need to go to the bathroom. The feeling started not long after I had lunch at Burger King. I know of a unisex bathroom at the Atlanta airport which was about 15 miles north of my location. I did not want to make that trip just to go to the bathroom, so I waited.

I am not sure what the law is in Georgia, but we are a "red" conservative state and I am sure the conservatives want to use transwomen and bathroom use as a wedge issue.

I did not want to be the one to create a story that motivated the politicians. So I waited until I felt I could find a bathroom to use.

I decided to use the men's bathroom at Barnes and Nobles. I picked this store because I was familiar with the bathroom. I watched for awhile and noticed it had not had much use in the last few minutes. So I went into the men's room and went straight to the rear stall. After using the restroom, I went to the sink and washed my hands. I wanted to take a picture but I heard someone entering the bathroom, so I left.

I remember having this problem in Savannah and Orlando. When I am out all day, I need to map out ahead of time, a bathroom break.

In Orlando, I used the refuge website to find a unisex bathroom. But this time, I figured I would eventually find one I felt comfortable using.

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