Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday February 14, 2016 - Working out In Montgomery Alabama

Saturday, I traveled to Montgomery Alabama to inspect some property. I knew I would be gone all day, so I took an exercise outfit. Around 2 pm, I stopped at the only Planet Fintess is town and paid $5 as a guest to workout.

While signing in, the employee stated that their showers were not working due to a sewer problem. DARN! How am I going to clean up and go back to work?

I decided to stay and workout. Afterward I will go to the local Pilot Gas Station - Truck Stop and rent a show.

I changed into a basic black and pink outfit that I packed. I then went out on the exercise floor, just like in Atlanta and followed my basic routine. This was a smaller center and there were about 20 people exercising. I completed 15 minutes of warm up on the stairmaster and then 150 minutes (2.5 hours) on the elliptical machine. I stopped every 60 minutes for a quick water break.

As usual, I had no issues. I had a few people look at me but we all look at each other since its a small gym. I just smiled and continued sweating and watching TV. I think some of the looks were because I am slim and look good in this pick outfit. It's cute and it shows off my shapely legs.

Once I completed mt workout, I headed back to the men's locker room and used my towel to dry off. I them put on my coat, but I did not button it up because I was sweating and did not want to sweat too much into my coat.

It was cool outside, so I walked quickly too my car and headed to the Pilot Gas Station. The station was about 20 mile away, so it was not close and I put on the heat so that I would not catch a cold. I use Pilot or their sister station Flying J when I travel. I like the price of gas and the Flying J has good food.

Once I got there, I parked and went inside. It was crowded as usual and I had on my exercise clothes with a coat over me and a wet towel around my next. I explained to the cashier that I need to rent a shower because the gym showers were out. I have a frequent user Pilot card that gets me free coffee every once in awhile. The shower cost $11.00, but the lady gave me a courtesy shower. She felt bad for me, plus she might have liked my pink outfit. LOL

This is the first time I used one of their showers and it was really nice. There was a toilet, sink and tile shower stall. They provided a floor mat, towel, wash cloth and soap. The left picture is me in the shower room. I felt comfortable and safe while using it.

You may notice a breast line. I forgot to bring a new  bra and panty set. So I worked out without a bra or panties on so I could wear a set after I showered. I must member not to do that again. Because after some time on HRT, I may not be able to workout without a bra on.

I thought about and figured, I could have bought a bra/panty set to either workout in or to put on after I showered.

This is why I do not shower at my gym. I this case, after decades of learning how to hide my chest in public, I could take a shower in the gym, dry off and dress either in the shower stall or run over to a toilet stall and dress. But here at Pilot, I had 100% privacy. The water was hot and the soap was plentiful.

After I finished, I went back up to the cashier and bought a slice of pizza and thanked her for the free use of the shower.

She was a very nice lady.

Here I was in southern central  Alabama and had no problems.

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