Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday February 18,2016 - My Tattoo

Last week, I bought a sheet of temporary tattoos. I have been very interested in adding a feminine tattoo along with my belly ring. BTW, my piercing has healed nicely and I am looking for a pretty dangliy ring to replace the one I have now.

But back to my tattoo. I decided to place a temporary tattoo on my ankle. So I chose the small butterfly at the bottom right corner of the sheet.

  1. I washed and cleaned the area.
  2. I removed the plastic cover 
  3. Then I cut out the image. 
  4. I placed the image face on my ankle
  5. I used a wet towel to wet the paper that was placed against my ankle.
  6. Finally, I removed the paper by peeling it off my ankle.

Here is how it looked.

I like it but it was too small. So I removed it and picked the butterfly at the upper right corner of the sheet, which was bigger. I repeated the 6 steps above. I need to add a 7th step with is to use baby powder to set the tattoo. But I do not have any today. I will buy some tonight.

This one is bigger and looks better. But I messed up the right side. I need more practice but I like it. I am going to wear this one to the gym tonight.

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