Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday February 8, 2016 - Hanging with my brother

After spending the day out shopping, I decided to visit my brother and have dinner with him. I ate too many slices of pizza and wings but we had a good dinner and talk.

He is my younger and only brother. He lives in Metro Atlanta and works in technology.

He fully accepts my femininity and I have visited him on many occasions in Femboy mode. In the past, we even went out together to pick up some groceries while I had a very feminine presentation.

I love my brother and sister. My brother's acceptance had helped me tremendously.

Our sister came up to Atlanta to attend my middle daughter's baby shower. During her visit, I asked her if I could come down and visit her as Susan. She said she had to think about. But I knew the answer because she has an issue with my femininity. Her religion gets in the way.

My brother and I talked about it and he confirmed that my sister is not comfortable with seeing me in female attire. I wanted to go to Orlando for awhile and stay with my sister as Susan. I am going to stay at a hotel or wait and work on my sister some more. I think (hope) that once she sees me, she will become OK with it. Eventually, she will have to adapt to it or we can only talk by phone, text or email.

My brother and I watched the first episode of Amazon's new show, Man In The High Castle.  

I like the potential of this series. I am going to watch all 10 episodes from season 1.

I left my brother's condo around 12:30 am and got home by 1 am. I was exhausted. But I still had the shower and remove my eye makeup. I woman's work is never done. I remember as a guy, I would just fall asleep with my clothes on.


  1. Hi, I ready enjoyed reading the last three blog especially the one about shoes, I can really relate with you on all the choices we have to make when we buy a pair of shoes. I love walking/wearing shoes and boots that have stiletto heels and platforms. My favorite outfit I love to wear is the following: White See Through Blouse with long sleeves, Pencil Style Above The Knee Black Skirt, 4" Black Platforms Stiletto Platforms Shoes. See you later,Bye, Best Regards, Ms. Stacey Anne Smith.

    1. I have not found a pair, but I love the look of knee high boots with a skinny mid-high heel. Stiletto heels maybe too high for me and at 5'10" they may make me too tall.
      These might be too high