Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday February 7, 2016 - My Friday Femboy Activities.

Friday I left the house around 10:00 am for an 11:00 am electrology appointment and did not get home until 1:00 am. Over the next few days, I will complete a series of posts about my Friday Femboy day.

I liked the outfit I chose. I wore a matching black set of underwear (bra, panties and camisole) and a black pair of footless black tights. My shoes were black flats and I wore a set of grey ankle warmers. I added a black pair of black leggings and a dark green sweater with black side buckles. Over this, I wore my black/white pea coat. This outfit kept me warm during the early morning and late night. But I got warm during the middle of the day.

I spent the day shopping and had dinner with my brother. Here is a summary of my day. I went to 14 different stores after my electrology session. I had no issues at any of the stores.
  1. Shoe Show Store #1 - I went to my favorite store which is just a few blocks from my electrologist's office. I have had many talks with the clerk at this store. When I walked in, she was at the counter and smiled saying hello. I returned the greetings and walked to the woman's section. This is the store where I tried on those heels and boots from my previous post.
  2. Beauty Store - I left the shoe store and walked next door to the beauty store. I need a bottle of nail glue. My granddaughter used my bottle for her play nails and the top was glued shut. So I bought a bottle and put on my earrings. I wear earrings for pierced ears. I cut off the post and glue the earring on my ear for a more natural look.
  3. Shoe Show Store #2 - I drove to this location which was a few miles north. I found a better selection of shoes. I really wanted those black/white wedges and the open toe and heel shoe
  4. CVS Store #1 - I headed south and stopped at CVS to see if I had any coupons for makeup. I did not, but I bought a drink that was on sale. I figured that when I went to eat, I could use the drink.
  5. Burger King - I decided to stop at Burger King. I never eat at Burger King. But I wanted to try the two burgers for $5. I went inside and the cashier helped me decide which burgers to get. I was not familiar with their menu. I ended up with their chicken sandwich and a Big Mac clone. I eat in the car because I did not want to bring a drink from outside into the restaurant. The sandwichs were Ok, but I should have went to Wendy's or Subway. I reapplied my lipstick before I drove off.
  6. Payless Shoes Store #1 - The shopping center behind the Burger King had the next three store I visited. I stopped at Payless first. They had two nice shoes on clearance. The black lace flats and the grey or black flats with the big medallion on the front. But I did not buy them.
  7. GNC - I walked a few stores over to the small GNC store. I was looking to see what GNC had for a protein mix and green vitamin mix that I could add to my daily smoothie. There were three salespersons in this small store. They were very helpful and attentive to me and the other customers. I did not like their selection. I think the store might have been too small.
  8. Books A Million - Drove to the other end of the center and went into the book store. I brought my computer because I wanted to add a new post to this blog. I went to the coffee shop in the bookstore and bought a small bottle of juice and pop chips. There was a lady and two pre-teen girls doing homework. The lady was a tutor and was helping the girls with math and English. I sat close to them because of the power plug. The lady smiled and the girls were doing homework. I smiled back and worked next to them for about one hour. I made sure my computer screen was not pointing in their direction because I did not want to distract them. When I finished, put my computer bag back in the car trunk and went back into the store, to shop for a new book. I saw the next two books in the Star Trek series I was reading. However I decided to wait and go to Barnes and Nobles because I have a gift card. On the way out, a lady and two boys were in front of me. The lady opened the door, walked out and the older teenage son walked through followed by the younger son. The younger son looked back at me and held the door open. I smiled and said thank you. He smiled and skipped along to catch up to the other. It reminded me of when I was learning to be a man by opening doors and giving up my seat to ladies. My dad would smile and say "good job":, when he saw me do that. Plus, it made me feel good when the lady would say thank you. Now I am learning to be that lady and I love it.
  9. CVS Store #2 - I left the shopping center and headed back north to another shopping area. I stopped at the CVS because I wanted some more Vitamin C power mix for my smoothie. They were on sale and at this location, they offered a $5 CVS bucks coupon after purchase. So I bought two boxed for $10 and got a $5 coupon.
  10. Payless Shoes Store #2 - It was getting cold as the sun set. I drove one block to the Payless Shoe store. At this store, there were no clearance shoes left. So I did not stay.
  11. Quiktrip - My left leg was  getting a cramp, so I decided I needed some water. I drove to Quiktrip to get a 32 oz cup with ice water. A nice man opened the door for me and I said thank you.
  12. Vitamin Shoppe - I drove back to the Payless Shoe store and saw a Vitamin Shoppe. I went in and it was busy. I asked one of the clerks for help finding a good pack of powered green supplements for my smoothie. She very helpful and I learn a lot from her. So,  I bought two sample packs to try.
  13. Barnes and Noble - I drove over to Barnes and Nobles. I could not find the Star Trek books I was looking for. I needed to go to the bathroom. So I decided to use the men's room (its still Georgia) . I went into the stall and locked the door. Once I was finished, I went to the wash basin and washed and dried my hands. I was the only one in the bathroom which had two stalls and one urinal. I was going to take a quick picture of me in the bathroom, but I heard the door open and a man entered. So, since I was finished, I walked out. I called my brother and told him I was going to come by and visit in an hour (around 8 pm). He was having pizza and wings for dinner (bachelor) and asked me to bring a salad..
  14. Krogers - On the way to my brother's condo, I stopped at Kroger and bough a tomato and lettuce for a salad. I used the self checkout and noticed three young female clerks talking by the exit door. After I paid, I was walking out and I notice really nice makeup on one of the ladies. I told her that I liked her makeup and she said thank you. Another of the three said have a good night and I replied thank you. 
I headed to my brothers a spent about three hours with him. I will discuss our time together in my next post.

As you can see, I had a long day of shopping. I learned a few things from Friday.
  1. Its hard to find items in your pocketbook. I kept putting my phone and keys in different areas.
  2. I need to keep my lipstick in my purse, so I could touch up my lipstick while I was in the bathroom.
  3. I need to add a small tissue box to my pocketbook

Finally, I felt so comfortable, I do not know if I was automatically falling back into male habits. So I constantly tried to be aware of the items below. Also, I was connecting with my femininity and just let it happen.
  1. Sitting
  2. Eating
  3. Slowing down
  4. Enjoying being me


  1. Ms. Susan King,
    Thank you for replying to my email message and for letting me know that you are available via email to help me with my femulations, transiting etc. I'm have been looking for a lady/sister/girlfriend that I can chat/confide with on any subject via email messages/texts etc.. Would you be interested in doing that with me? If it's yes then that would be ok, If it's no then I understand and won't be offended. Thanks and I will chat with you later, Bye, Hugs and Kisses, Ms. Stacey Anne Smith.

  2. Stacey,
    I am always here to help. Plus, it will help me. I always like to send out good karma.

    Email me at We can exchange text numbers by from our email.