Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday February 4, 2016 - Beauty Box Subscriptions

There are so many makeup products out there. I get confused and it can very expensive trying products and brands that work for me.

Welcome to womanhood. I love it. So how can I keep my costs down while experimenting?

I have been thinking about subscribing to a beauty box service. These services send you a monthly or quarterly box of sample size and/or regular size makeup and beauty products to try. I am thinking this would be an inexpensive way of trying products. I will throw away the ones I do not like and keep the one I like. This way I can build up my makeup wardrobe.

These boxes come in cute colors and its like a periodic birthday gift.

I have identified 9 services and I do not know which one to try. It does seem that they are broken into two groups. A higher end, more expensive service and a lower end service. The high end service has a $40-$50 per box cost but sends full size products on a quarterly basis. The lower end service has a monthly box in the $10-$21 per month range. They offer a discount if you pay a year in advance $100-$220.

All of the services (except Beauty Box 5) allow you to cancel anytime. But I would check to make sure I can get a refund if I prepay for a year service.

I have listed the services I am researching. At this time, I will try a lower end  monthly service, just to see how it works. I am OK with a sample size only because if I do not like the item, I am not throwing away a lot of product.

Lower End Service Monthly Fee Annual Fee
Beauty Box 5 $12.00 $100.00
Birchbox $10.00 $110.00
Beauty Bar $15.00 $180.00
Glossy Box $21.00 $210.00
Ipsy $10.00 $110.00
Beauty Army $12.00 $132.00

Higher End Service Kit Fee Monthly or Quarterly
Fabfitfun $49.99 Quarterly
Beauty Fix $49.99 Quarterly
Popsugar $39.95 Monthly

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