Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday February 6, 2016 - Shoe Shopping

Today's post is about my shoe shopping. I love women's shoes. I went to two Shoe Show stores and two Payless Shoe stores. It took a lot of control for me not to buy a few of these shoes. But I want to concentrate my funds on my beard removal and makeup. Then I need voice and mannerism help. So shoes have to wait. At least I can try them on and dream.

Because I wear a woman's size 12, I am limited as to the shoe stores I can visit. Luckily, in Atlanta, both Shoe Show and Payless Shoes have a large variety in this size.

Shoe Show
 I tried on some boots. I love furry boots with buckles. The black pair (right pic) was a 12W, while the brown pair was a size 12M. The 12W makes my ankles look super skinny and small.. The brown pair fit better and it is tighter around the ankles.

I tried on a pair of white heels with the ankle strap and open toe. I love this style. I have a black pair I wore when I went out in Orlando in November. My youngest daughter gave me a pair for my birthday in July 2015. This pair was cute but the heel was too high and the way it was cut made hurt my feet. I learned from my Orlando trip that this shoe would kill my feet within an hour or two.

This black pump also had a poor cut. I had to try on a 12W instead of a 12M and it still hurt my feet. My weight did not fall on the balls of my feet but somewhere closer to the toes. It seemed to be cut wrong.

I left this Shoe Show and went to another one, where I had more success. The inventory among the stores is different.

I really liked this shoe. It was a wedge and the color and design matched my pea coat. The strap over the toe matched the strap on my sweater. The only problem was that the size 12 was too big and the size 11 too snug. I wanted to buy the size 12 and it was on sale. It took a lot for me not to buy these shoes. Notice my trouser socks. They were black with a green design. It worked well with my outfit but was a distraction with some of the shoes I tried on. But I liked these socks. They were an old pair I found unopened in my woman's sock draw.

I feel in love with these shoes. The open toe and heel fit perfect and the top did not make my ankle seem too small. Even without the ankle warmers. The heel was high but it put pressure on the right part of my feet. Unlike the other two above, this heel, the ankle fit well. They did not seem too high and I think the cut of the shoe was the reason why they felt so good. I wanted this pair too. I could build a nice wardrobe around this shoe for a night out.

I left Shoe Shoe dreaming about the last two pair of shoes and headed to the first of two Payless Shoe stores.

Payless Shoes

I had been eyeing this black laced ballerina flat for weeks. It was on clearance at this store of  $15.00. At the next store, I saw this same pair for $16.99. I want to buy this pair and there was a BOGO 50% off sale. So if I bought this one and then one of the next two, it would cost me $22.50 for both. But again  control... relax... no Darn! If this flat was $10, I would buy it, but I really did not need one of the two pictured next. So I left another one on the self.

There were two more pair on clearance that I liked. They were the same style but different colors. Also, the amazing thing was that the grey pair fit much better than the back pair. I already have this shoe in a brown. So the same shoe in a different color sounds like my Mom and its not necessary. Nothing against my Mom, but at this point, I do not have that luxury. I would have bought the grey pair to go with the lace black pair and get the discount. But decided against it.

The second Payless store, did not have anything different. So I left quickly.

At each store I was treated kindly by the clerks and the other women paid me little or no attention. I was just a woman shopping for shoes.


  1. Susan, I found your link after reading about you on Femulate and then I read some of your blogs and this gurl really thinks that you are something special. I'm a CD/TG who is in the process of starting my MTF transformation to live the rest of my life totally as a lady. I have been to ATL several times and once to Savannah in the past. I live in South Florida Area near Ft. Lauderdale. I recently had a bra fitting done at Dillard's and all the women who were there at the time including the sales associates treated me just like any other lady even though I presented as a male. The Sales Associates, who are all women then encourage me to try on a matching bra and panty set after two women who were in the dressing room area left. I went in the dressing room, tried on the bra and panty set and then called for the Sales Associate as she had directed me to do before I went in, She came in after I called her and totally looked me over while I stood there in my bra and panty set and then asked me if everything fit, I told her that everything fit fine and then she asked me if I needed anything else, had any questions etc. I told her that I loved how both the bra and panty felt and then I told her that I wanted to buy the whole set. I took everything off, put my male clothing back on and then went to the cash register, purchased the set, she wrapped everything up/put the set in a bag and then I left. I went back to that same store, same area about one to two months later and while talking to the Senior Sale Associate once again presenting as a male, she introduced me using my feminine name (Stacey) to the Store Manager who talked briefly with me in a nice,personal,professional manner. He seems to be genuinely interested in my all my experiences especially my opinion on all of the sales associates and of course what I felt about their products and services. I complemented all their sales associates for treating me just like the other ladies etc. and then he thanked me and said that I was welcome to come back anytime. I love shopping there due to the quality and service but it not cheap so I can only go every once in a while. Got to go, Best Regards, Ms. Stacey Anne Smith.

  2. Ms. Stacey Anne Smith,

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. I have had the same experiences.It is so great to live in this enlightened time of acceptance. If I can support your transition in any why, please let me know. Hopefully, my posts will help lead you in the right direction and be informative.

    BTW, I was born in West Palm Beach and spent any holiday visiting my Grandparents there from the 1960's thru 1990's.