Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday February 27, 2016 - 35 Year Old MTF Timeline

Below is a nice set of  two .gif pictures that show the impact of HRT on a 35 year old Transwoman. I noticed four things over the slightly more than 1 year time period..

  1. Sometime during the later half, her shoulders appear to narrow (muscle loss?)
  2. Breast growth is good
  3. Stomach shrinks (how much from daily bike riding?)
  4. Lost body hair (how much from shaving?)

I really want to get my stomach as flat as possible before I start HRT in June. I think being almost 60, I want to start with as feminine a body shape as possible, which means as little fat around the middle as possible.

Then after the blood work shows my body is controlled by estrogen more than testosterone, I will increase calories and reduce exercise in hopes the fat will deposit in feminine areas.

She did a good job of recording the changes and these changes were significant, to me.

35 MTF. NSFW-ish. HRT Gifs of changes, weeks 8-74

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