Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday February 1, 2016 - Some Femtime

Sunday, I had the day to myself for about 6 hours. I had only a few hours sleep Saturday night because I am working on a new project.

I remember when I was in middle school and high school, I would love having the house to myself so I could try on my mother's and sister's clothes.

Well now 40 years later, I take some time to keep my body feminine. I have talked about my various routines I do every day or every week to stay feminine. This allows me to get dressed quicker and to stay as feminine as I can every day.

So I decided to take a hot bath and complete a body shave. Now that my belly button piecing is healing, I can take a bath again. After my bath and shave, I use baby oil to lotion my body. I them put on a nice pink fluffy robe and cleaned my belly button ring surrounding area. Just to make sure I do not get it infected.

I then got dressed. I put on a nice white sweater and green skinny jeans. I added green ballerina flats along with green and white jewelry.

I wanted to play round with my makeup, but I can not shave and my whiskers are too long to adequately apply makeup. So next weekend I will experiment with my makeup.

I did try a couple of hairstyles.

I always enjoy spending some quality feminine time. It really helps my dysphoria.

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