Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday February 10, 2016 - Electrology session

Yesterday, I went back for my second hour of facial hair cleaning by my electrologist. I had been away from my electrologists since mid November. So being away about 10 weeks allowed too many hairs to grow back. So it took two hours instead of one hour to clear my face.

Your hair grows in cycles which overlap. When I was going to E3000, there were 6 weeks between sessions. They told me that once they cleared my face, it took 6 weeks for the next cycle to grow in. Also, if they missed any hairs or had hairs grow back from the current cycle, those hairs would be out and available for treatment.

During those 10 weeks, I missed having a clear face. I had not shaved in over a year. But since missing time, I needed to shave three times. It was a light group of hairs across my face. It was strange shaving my face again and only took a light once over the cut the few hairs that had grown out. I used my old shaving routine, to make sure I did not create any ingrown hairs.

This session covered the most painful area, which is the chin, around the mouth and the mustache. The mustache area closest to my nose always make me tear. This is when I miss the lidocaine shots from E3000.

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