Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday February 10, 2016 - Anti-Transgender Laws

I am been writing about how societal attitudes are changing toward the transgender community. I feel much safer in 2015 than 1995. In the media we are seeing many more positive images and stories about us.

But it's not over yet. From the Human Rights Campaign, below are two maps showing the states that have introduced anti-transgender. Our political foes have found a very effective hammer that they are using to not only to try and stop our momentum but to try and roll back our gains.

But remember, the maps are showing "introduced" bills and not "passed" bills.

Being in Atlanta, it seems that Anti-Transgender laws are not being introduced. However, I was surprise that in 2015, these laws were introduced in both Connecticut and Massachusetts.

We must be vigilant and work in our own way to stop these bills and to keep our movement moving forward. Not just for us but for future generations.

Currently, its hit or miss. Here are three short articles from recent Anti-Transgender bills.

South Dakota House Passes Another Extreme Bill Attacking Transgender Youth | Human Rights Campaign

Transgender bathroom bill killed in Virginia House committee with bi-partisan support

Bathroom Predator Myth Clogs Path for LGBT Discrimination Protection Bill in Florida |

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