Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday February 15, 2016 - Going to Ohio

I am taking a trip to Ohio this weekend. I am excited about it because I am going to present as my natural self, Susan. I have to drive up to inspect some property. So I immediately decided how I will do this as Susan.

I will rent a car Saturday morning and drive the 8 hours north as Susan. Once I check into the hotel, I will change and go out to dinner and a movie or jazz club.

Sunday, I will explore and shop. I will try and get a makeover from Fashion Fair or MAC.

Monday morning, I will work in boy mode and meet the client. Then drive back Monday afternoon, as Susan. I will stop by my youngest daughter's apartment. She has Monday and Tuesday off.  I will probably spend the night and return to Atlanta on Tuesday.

This is going to fun. I am going to spend part of this week shopping for a couple of additional outfits. The 7 day forecast shows warmer weather (50+) on Saturday. But colder Sunday and Monday (40+). I am going to find a nice dress for both Saturday night and Tuesday.

My daughter may want to take me to her job and introduce me to everyone as her father but presenting as Susan.


  1. Susan, I'm curious about a couple of things,I was wondering why you have to work enhomme (boy mode) so to speak instead of enfemme (girl mode)and why would you go to your daughter's job, be introduced as her father and then say that you are presenting as "Susan"? I mean no offense to you and you know that I respect you no matter what you decide to do, and all people have opinions including BFF'S and if we don't agree then that's ok too. I'm interested in your trips,activities, etc that you do. I see that you are busy with work etc. so I will leave you with this saying, Watch your thoughts, for they become words, Watch your words, for they become actions, Watch your actions, for they become habits, Watch your habits, for they become your destiny. YOU GO GIRL, Hugs, Kisses and Love, Stacey

  2. Good Question. I left my full-time job in May because I could not transition there and it was 35 years. The time was right. That meant, I need to build my part-time business which I started in 1984 into a full-time business. Its working. But I can not afford to lose any clients or slow my growth. Maybe I am scared but I figured I need another year (2016) to build the business to the point I can lose clients. Also, I would feel more comfortable about my income after 12 more months.

  3. Concerning my daughter, she is unique. I have written a couple of posts about her. She asked me if she can still call me Dad when presenting as Susan. I said yes because I am. I am not her Mom or Aunt or friend. She is 24 and very open. She is the only person to have hung out with me as Susan. She helped me get my belly button pierced. We have played with makeup together. When we went by her office this fall, she brought a friend out and introduced me as her Dad and that I was a Transwomen. The meeting went perfect. She asked if I would not mind meeting the rest of her associates while presenting as Susan. I said ok. So I am thinking when I meet her next Monday, she may want to take me by her job to meet her associates. I am OK with it, if she is.