Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday April 1, 2016 - Change in workout routine

These past 5 months, have been tough on my weight control. I am having a hard time controlling my caloric intake and my workouts are not as strong as it should be. I can still fit my clothes but they are slightly tighter.

I have 70 days before I start HRT and I would like to be smaller when I start. I want my stomach to be smaller.

So I am making some changes to my exercise routine. I have been using the same routine for over 1 year, which is using the elliptical machine for up to 7 hours a week. My usual workout session is 1 to 2 hours. I wanted to use a long slow workout to burn muscle. I think it has worked as my muscle mass has dropped. But I think my muscle memory has created a point of diminishing returns. I notice that I do not sweat as much with the elliptical machine, like I use to.

 My new routine is to use the stairmaster machine. I am going to attempt to reach a two hour workout on this machine. I will slowly buildup to a two hour session. I started yesterday with a 30 minute session. During this session, I will vary the intensity in an attempt to keep my body from adjusting over the next 70 days. During this 70 day period, I am going to try and have 30 to 35 workout sessions.

On the calorie intake side, where most of the weight is controlled, I am going to eat more homemade smoothies and salads.

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