Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday April 13, 2016 - Rest of Sunday

After Payless Shoes, I drove south to be close to my meeting place with Karen. She was still at church. So I went to Goodwill to look around. Sunday is the first day of the new color tags being sold for 50% off. I looked around and decided to search for some more gym T-Shirts.

I took some older shirts I bought last year for my femboy outfits. The picture on the left is me wearing one of those shirts I donated back. I no long wear those shirts because those outfits now have a more feminine top. When I took them to the donation section, the young man who took my donation, used female pronouns. It made me feel even more confident.

After leaving the donation center, I walked into the retail store.
I am looking for some extra long, thin textured and light colored T-shirts. The picture on the left are two 50% off T-shirts I found and bought.

While shopping, Karen called and said she would be ready within 30 minutes. So I went to the sales counter to buy these two T-shirts. The clerk used female pronouns. She said, "Hello ma'am, did you find everything". Trying to use my "head" voice, I said, "Yes I found these two items."

I gave her my debit card and she asked for my ID. I only have male ID. But I was not worried because I have done this many times as both a femboy and as Susan. The clerk looked at my male driver's license and compared my name to my debit card. She gave them back to me, bagged my items and said have a nice day. It's no longer bothers me about my ID. No one has made a face, joke or have any inappropriate reaction to my ID. That's because all of them have been sales clerks, they just want to complete the sale and I am sure I am not the only one.

So I left and drove over the meet Karen. We met and hugged. She complimented me on my outfit and makeup. It was getting late and we decided to start by going across the street to a second Goodwill Store. I showed her pictures of the Payless Shoes I tried on earlier. She loved that black strappy closed toe heel.

We spent about 1 hour looking around and shopping for dresses and T-shirts at the store. Then we drove over a second Payless Shoe store, but it was closed. I forgot that on Sunday, they close at 6 pm.

So we decided to get some Chinese takeout. We took our food to the local park and talked while eating our food.

It was a new park and very pretty. I love water, the lake and water fountain was a nice backdrop for our talk.

I ordered some lemon pepper wings while she had some shrimp fried rice.

I told her that I am looking forward to starting my HRT in June. But I am scared to transition and tell all
of the people I know from high school until now. I have told my family and close relatives. I am not worried about new people I meet. But its my life long friend and people I have known over the decades that is my problem. I think my transition brings about the death of an era. How can I talk about my male past as a woman? And will those talks and relationships now change? I will find out about 1 year from now.

We talked again about dating and I told her, I am not interested in dating anyone until 2017. I want to see how the hormones affect me.

We had a nice relaxing good time. After about 90 minutes at the park, it was getting dark, so we decided to leave and I drove Karen back to her car. We said our good byes, hugged and left.

I always enjoy our time together, especially the movie time. Its interesting because we have so much in common and enjoy talking.

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