Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday April 12, 2016 - Sunday Payless Shoe Shopping

My first stop was Payless Shoes. I am wearing a pair I bought from one of their stores last year.

I parked the car and walked into the store. I did not have my coat on because it was getting warrmer by 2:30 pm. I walked slowly trying to keep my back straight and head up, chest out and stomach in. There was a good size crowd of shoppers in the area. This store is in between Target and Old Navy. There was a lot of foot traffic and people in the parking lot.

Once I arrived in the store, the clerk welcomed me in the store. I returned the hello, but my voice wavered. I am trying to speak more from my head than my chest. But when I first start talking after not talking for awhile, my voice can not stay in my head and it cracks and wavers. I think I need to hum or sing in the car to loosen my muscles and vocal cords.

I went to my size 12 area to try on some shoes. I did see two pair of shoes on sale for $15 each. It was a buy on get one 1/2 price. So those shoes would cost me $22.50 plus tax. But I just wanted to look today and try some on, so I could get an idea of what I like and look good on me.

Below you can see the seven shoes I tried on. I was there for about 45 minutes. After I left Payless, Karen sent me a text saying that she should be available after 4:30. It was going to take me until 4:00 pm to get in her area. So I decided to go up there and visit a  Goodwill Store while waiting on her.

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