Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday April 17, 2016 - Orlando trip

I am disappointed that I did not get to continue my talk with my sister. We did not get the children into her dental office until late afternoon. By the time she finished, we all went out to dinner and then I had to get the kids in the bed.

My sister and her husband went to bed early, so I went out around 10 pm. I went to International Drive and walked around. I really wanted to present as Susan. I went to about four tattoo shops within the one mile walk. I was looking for a better and more feminine belly ring. Its been 4 months and my piercing has healed. So its time to buy some cute rings. All four shops had about the same rings. I only saw 1 dangling ring I would buy. I did not like the rest. I do not know if I have to buy one online or can find a store with a nice variety.

Next time I stay at my sister's, I am going to go out late presenting as Susan. I will have to be more careful as a single female, but the tourist area at Disney or Universal should be OK. My sister will be sleep, so she does not have to "see" me.  Or I could dress and leave while my sister is out and come back late.

I ate poorly yesterday. My brother-in-law has a bad case of diabetes, but he and my sister still eat poorly and I weakened. I had one small waffle and some donuts.

So this morning I went to a local Planet Fitness and worked out. The layout of this center requires me to walk past every area, to get to the Stairmaster machine. There was a time, I would feel uncomfortable in my outfit and walk past everyone. But today, I was Ok and walked with my head high concentrating on my coming workout. I was not looking for rejection or stares. I did not care, I was there for the workout.

I am working on the Stairmaster. I am up to 45 minutes with the highest intensity for 1 minute every 15 minutes.

I am going to work up to 60 minutes which means 4 -1 minute high intensity intervals. Then I am going to increase the high intensity interval to 2 minutes. I want to reach this goal by HRT day.

I feel sluggish because I did not eat before my workout. I fed the children but I forgot to eat. I am going to eat while on the road.

I need to get on the road and head back to Atlanta.

Below are a couple of additional photos for my gym outfit.

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