Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday April 30, 2016 - CVS Family Bathroom

My poison ivy is clearing very slowly. The lotion I am using says that after 1 week, if the rash continues, see a doctor.

So today, I decided to go to Minute Clinic inside of CVS. While there I say a sign on the bathroom door that said Men and Woman. It was a one toilet bathroom. I then noticed on the other side of the water fountain was a locked door with no sign. I soon realized  that they had turned one bathroom into a Family Bathroom and eliminated the second bathroom.

It then hit me that another benefit of a family bathroom, is that some stores with limited demand for bathrooms can go with just one family bathroom instead of two gender specific bathrooms.

This is another reason to push for and support Family Bathrooms. They will reduce construction, maintenance and cleaning costs.

As I was waiting for the nurse, I used the bathroom. As I left, a women with a teenage son came to use the bathroom. First the mother used it and her son followed. While she was waiting for her son, I told her that I wished they had these bathrooms when I was raising my three daughters. Because many times, I used the Men's room while I worried about my young daughters in the Woman's room. She smiled and said yeah I guess you are right.

Later while I was seeing the nurse, I stated that having a Family bathroom was a good idea. She agreed.

I have decide that everytime I see a single stall family bathroom, I am going to tell management and/or other customers that it is a good idea. Plus, I will report it to

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