Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday April 27, 2016 - Eye Markup

There is a saying that your eyes are a window into your soul. To me, part of womanhood is projecting your inner feminine in a natural way. When I am out, I feel my inner femininity and I project it out. Once I got through my own issues that were holding me back, that femininity just started to flow out.

Today I am going to play around with my makeup. I want to concentrate on my eye makeup. Especially my eyeliner and eye lashes. I want to test a new look with a more feminine cat-like look.

I am going to test false eye lashes, white eyeliner, different eyebrow colors and shapes and possible solutions to bags under my eyes. Its going to take time and trial and error. But that is part of the fun.

I want to use makeup to develop a natural feminine look that slightly reshapes my face and the makeup looks natural and not heavy. Below are some examples.

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