Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tuesday April 5, 2016 - Shopping

Yesterday I stopped at a Goodwill in Tennessee. I found a cute T-Shirt. (See the picture on the left.) I am going to use that T-shirt for exercising.

I was not sure at first because even though I like the color and designs. But I wondered if it was too feminine. Then I figured, my exercise outfits are pretty feminine to begin with. So go for it.

I like the colors which are pink and a shade of blue (baby blue?) inside the designs. I need to learn more about the different color shades because the shirt has shade of pink and red. I just do not know the names of the various shades. The same is true about that blue.I am guessing its a baby blue.

This is a thinner and longer shirt which is perfect as an outer shirt. I want more of these type shirts because they set a pretty bright color palette for my outfit. I then can match it with my leggings, ankle socks, shoe laces and under shirt.

Here is the look with my pink leggings and baby blue undershirt. I like the look of the longer undershirt that covers my hips. The baby blue undershirt matches the blue within the shirt design.

I am going to wear this outfit tonight at the gym. Most of my T-shirts are a solid color. I have a few outer shirts with words or images on them. But this is first one with a nice pretty design on it.

I am going to buy some more like this and raise the feminine look of my gym outfits. This will include shopping for some print leggings. All of my leggings are solid colors. But I could match print leggings with my solid colored shirts.

Below is a picture of my complete outfit for tonight. You can see my black sneakers with the pink laces and trim.

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  1. "I just do not know the names of the various shades" -- Lol! So true.

    I find that I'm seeing a lot more depth and variation in colors as I'm transitioning, but I don't know what they're called! :)

    Lately I keep seeing all these blues with different depths of red. In my old life I would have just called them all purple, but now I don't know what to call them.

    I really enjoy reading your blog, Susan. Thank you, keep it up girl! :)