Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday April 4, 2016 - One of my First days out as a Femboy

Today I am traveling. Its Spring Break and I am taking my grandchildren to Tennessee. They are going to spend a few days with my youngest daughter. So I am going to repost a September 2014 post. It is one of my first Femboy days out.

Original Date: September 16, 2014
It has been three months, since my last post. My work was frantic. But today is the second day I went out in femboy mode.... and I love it!

The first time, I tried it last Tuesday and had no negative looks or issues. I even had a lady at CVS refer to me as "ma'am" before correcting to "sir". I ignored it but said "yeah!" inside.

I was out all day shopping and having fun. It is great showing my feminine side and mixing it with my male side. I do not change my voice except its a little softer. But I still talk with people and I am not noticed. Well maybe a little, but who cares.

I wore :

  • my black fem sneakers from payless shoes
  • nude knee hi socks - too old school - to me stocking legs still look great
  • grey leggings from Walmart
  • I bought this nice green and tan belt from a thrift store - even the clerk complimented me on finding that belt
  • Green hoodie
  • Tan tee shirt
  • grey hat - added "children first" pin for color
  • pearl-like earrings
  • necklace with gold heart
  • green bracelet
  • silver ring

There was no way people did not know I was a fem and male mixed. I did not wear makeup, except for a little clear lip gloss and I brushed my sculpted eyebrows. That was it, no foundation, no eye makeup or wig. I keep my hair shaved, so I just wear a fem hat.

I am currently having my beard removed and after two years I am toward the end, so my beard  shadow is very light. I can go one week with out shaving. I use to have to shave every day or twice a day, if in fem mode.

I am going to get new glasses and one pair will be very fem for days like this.

My ears appeared pierced, but they are not. I take earrings and cut the back stems and I use nail glue to glue the base on my ear lobes. It works great.

I keep my nails a little long and I take good care of them. I keep them sculptured and buffed.

I went to CVS to buy some paper towels, Goodwill and Value Village to expand my fem clothes, lunched at Jersey Mikes and gas for the car.

It took all day because I got caught in two bad traffic jams, due to car accidents. One was on the Interstate which shut down for 20 minutes.

I enjoy this look so much. I never has so much fun and felt so at ease.  Shopping for fem clothes and trying them on without guilt was great.

This reflects who I am inside and for the first time, it felt right. I will definitely do this more and more. I wish my friend Maxine was alive to join me out and about.

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