Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday April 14, 2016 - Unisex Bathrooms

Sunday while Karen and I were at the Chinese Takeout restaurant. I saw that they had labeled their bathroom as unisex.

This is an easy solution to a non-issue. Part of the population that hates LGBT equality is latching out thru this bathroom issue.

It's an attempt to split the LGBT community along gender lines. They are using old stereotypes to scare people into a believing that Transwoman are sexual predators (Psycho movie).

Also its showing the ignorance of the anti-lgbt crowd. Pastor Benham od Charolotte, N.C. harasses transwomen in a city building. When asked, he said he was not familiar with transmen who would have to use a women's bathroom.

BWT, Senator Cruz lists this Pastor has one of his supporters.

I believe in the long run this will be good for the whole community as more family (unisex) bathrooms become available.

But it is the crazy last attempt by a group of obsolete bigots.

With the help of the business community, we will win this fight.

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