Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday April 25, 2016 - I like her style

Sunday, I went to a Walgreens to find some itch cream for my poison ivy and some lip balm for my chapped lips. The old itch cream I was using on my face  left my lips chapped along with a slight off-coloration to my face.

If I could find a better itch cream that would not change the color of my face, I would feel better. While the lip balm would solve my dry lips.

While in the store, I passed this lady who had the look, style and presence of Susan. She had on a pretty white based sheath dressed with colorful flowers. She wore a sweater that matched the main color of the flowers on the dress.

Her hair and makeup looked great and was similar to mine. She had a gray-ish pocketbook that matched her heels.

As I passed her, I stopped and told her that she looked nice today and I loved her dress. I remember from the lady at the car rental place  I should pick one item to compliment a lady on. I loved her dress, so I picked that item. However, her whole outfit, hair and makeup was great.

The only picture that came out well was the one on the left as she was checking out of the store.

Notice her bag and matching heels. The pretty sweater that matched the flowers in the dress. It was a nice outfit for a sunny day in Atlanta.

Seeing her made me want to stop crossdressing today, as a guy and put on my own pretty outfit for the day.

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