Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tuesday April 5, 2015 - Bathroom Bills - Update

North Carolina is beginning to feel the economic pain.
  1. Liongate is moved its new Hulu series from Willington, NC to Vancover Canada.
  2. Paypal is moving its proposed 400 good paying jobs and $3.6M investment from Charlotte
  3. A&E Studios is filming a new series called SIX. It will move to another state for season 2
  4. Google Ventures will not fund any new business in North Carolina
  5. ACPA College Student Education International moved its annual conference from North Carolina.
  6. Federal Agencies are reviewing their laws to see if the new NC makes them ineligible for certain funding.
  7. TNT will not bring back their series "Good Behavior" back to NC for season 2

Below is a table from Forbes magazine in 2014. It lists the 50 states based on their environment for the new economy (digital economy). I added next to the corresponding state, their recent legislative action toward "Bathroom Bills" in 2015/2016.

There are 23 states above the average score. Five (21%) of these stated attempted bills. None of them were successful. Of the five, two required Governor vetoes.

There are 27 states below the average score  Nine (33%) attempted bills. Three were successful, one was vetoed, 2 died during the session and three are not out of committee.

Notice Mississippi, is number 50. There is a reason they are last in many economic categories. As a local saying goes, Georgia is Alabama without Atlanta.

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