Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday April 21. 2016 - This guy is dangerous

I try to stay away from politics, race, religion and sex in this blog. I may cross into those areas every once in while. Especially as it relates to the bathroom issue. If I do go into one of those issues, I try to include a solution and put a positive spin on it.

But Senator Cruz really bothers me. There is something about him. I watched the video below and I just wanted to share it.

When I hear someone talk about States Rights it brings back the 1890's and 1950's. I believe in the America of the 21st Century and therefore I think support for this guy is limited.

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  1. Make no mistake. If he could get away with it LGBT people would be in concentration camps. One of my political science professors pointed out once that it didn't matter whether they were ultra-left or ultra-right wing, at a certain point, there are people on either side who will kill you. Ted Cruz is one of those!