Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday April 29, 2016 - I met a nice Femboy today

I met a young 25 year old Femboy today. I needed to buy a new tire today. So I dropped my car off at the tire shop and then walked over to West End Mall for lunch with a friend. I was crossdressing as a boy.

While eating a young Femboy walked through the restaurant and into the mall. I saw her in the corner of my eye and noticed how small she was in statue (about 5' 6") and size (under 150). She was slim and petite and looked good. She had on a nice pair of sandals, pretty red painted toe nails, red leggings and a nice white top with short lace sleeves.

She had on a nice necklace with matching earrings, a couple of rings and a pearl bracelet. Here hair was braided. I noticed a slight light beard. But I liked her confidence and style.

I noticed as she walked across the Mall into the Rainbow clothing store, no one paid her any attention. I did see a guy who was working a kiosk said something to his girlfriend as he looked over to the cute Femboy.

I continued my lunch and then I noticed her coming back into the restaurant. She was waiting in line and ordered some takeout. Again, the restaurant was full and she appeared to blend in.

I observed no staring, negative looks and/or negative talking toward her. Everyone was more interested in their own issues.

As I was leaving my meeting and headed back to pickup my car, I noticed her leaving through the rear door that takes you to the Mall parking lot. I walked through the Mall and out the front entrance.

I was walking across the Mall parking lot to the street, she was walking the same way about 20 feet ahead of me. She stopped at the corner to wait and cross the street. I caught up to her to wait. Once I got next to her, I told her that I loved her sandals and that she looked cute.

She smiled and said thank you. We started talking and I told her I was a Transwoman and today I was crossdressing as a boy. We both laughed. I pulled out my phone and showed her a few pictures of Susan. She complimented my makeup and outfit.

I told her how lucky she is at 25 to live in a more enlightened period. When I was 25 (1981), I was walking around this same Mall and could never had dressed as nice as she was without problems.

Once we crossed the street together, I said goodbye and I walked over to the tire store to pickup my car. I drove my car off the lot and notice her still walking toward the Interstate bridge. So I drove up to her and offered to take her to her final destination. She agreed and I drove her over to the neighboring college campus.

She asked me about electrology because I told her I was finishing mine and will be starting HRT. She asked if we could talk further because she wanted to transition and was trying to build a network of positive support. I quickly agreed, but she did not have a cellphone. So she gave me her facebook name.

I told her, I would be honored to help her in anyway. Plus I was a graduate of the school she was attending.

After I dropped her off, I thought about starting a small club consisting of young Femboys and helping them with their transition and life (education, job and social life).

I have contacted her by Facebook messaging.

 It was so neat to meet a young confident Femboy. I felt like a mom who wants to help her daughter succeed in life. I can not wait to get to know her more and help. Helping her will help me.

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