Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday April 22, 2016 - Electrology Session

Today I have an electrology  session. It's been two weeks since my last session and I see very little hair on my face. I have mostly white whiskers on my mustache area, across my chin and under my neck to my Adams Apple. I can barely feel my facial hair but I can see the sparse hair in the mirror.

I am reaching the end of my sessions. It started in January 2013 at e3000 in Dallas Texas. It took 14 hours to clear my face that first visit over two days.

Today it will take less than 1 hour. I could probably stop now and shave once every few days. But I am going to go until June 2016. My plan all along was to hopefully finish my face by the start of HRT. With HRT starting in June 11, 2016, I have only 3 more seasons after today.

After my session, I have to travel out of town for an overnight trip with a few associates, so I have to go in boy mode. I have been in boy mode during the last few sessions. I hope I can go in Femboy mode for the last three sessions.

Electrolysis vs Laser (click for better image)

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