Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday April 28, 2016 - Makeup playtime

I finally got some time to play around with false eyelashes. First, with poison ivy on my face, I could not hide the area covered with calamine lotion. I put foundation over it, but it flaked the foundation and eventually came thru. So I am going to have to wait until the rash is gone.

I ended up putting on my complete face to practice my application technique. But I wanted to try on false eyelashes. I loved the way they looked. It took a longtime for me to get them on. I put them on after I completed my full face makeup.

I took one of the lashes out of its case and laid it up against my eyelid to make sure it fit my eye. I thought it might be too long, but it fit across my lashes.

So I took one lash and held it with a pair of tweezers. Then I opened the black colored glue and created a bubble of glue at the tube opening. I spread the bubble across the rim of the lash. The glue bubble seemed to connect  to the lash ridge. I slid the glue across the lash rim and the glue stuck and spread across. It seems easy but I did get some glue over the rim and onto the lashes. It took awhile with a Q-tip in order to clean the glue off of the lashes.

I waited 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky. It took quite awhile for me get that lash on. I used the tweezers to try and center the lash over my eyes and slightly above my lash line.

It was not easy. It was hard to put the lashes just above my existing lashes and line it up. I was using my bathroom mirror and I was having problems moving the lash into position. I tried a few time put pulled it off  to retry it.  Soon the glue dried and I had to reapply the glue.

Finally I got the lash on. I waited a few minutes and then I added mascara and curled both my eyelashes and the false lashes together. I really like the look. The picture on the left shows the one eye with the lashes and the other eye without then. The left eye has the lashes.

I added a white eyeliner, under my eye. I will try a little less white eyeliner next time. But it seems to bring out my eyes and the brown color of my eyes.

I then added the lashes to my other eye. Again it took awhile. I was a little better because it was my second attempt. However, it was my other eye and had to use my other had, which made it difficult.. Again, I added mascara to both my lashes and the false lashes together. Once the mascara dried, I curled that lash.

I loved how the lashes helped my look. I need tp practice more and then find some lashes that are longer on the outer edges.

Here are my lashes with my glasses on. I love the look. It did take awhile to get use to the longer and heavier feel of the lashes.

I will definitely wear false lashes more often. I have to get better applying them.

I tries a new lipstick color. I do not like it. Its too red. I like a darker red. So I am going to try another red color. I still have my dark lipstick, but I wanted a slightly lighter red color as an alternative. This one is to light.

Once I finished my makeup, I put on my grey sweater dress with my grey flats. My jewelry was silver and blue based.

My poison ivy has not allowed me to keep up my daily lotion routines and I can tell. My skin is not as smooth and I have more dry skin areas.

I am going to work on applying my false eyelashes, so I can get them on faster.

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